International Institute of Refrigeration
Ammonia Refrigeration Technology
International Conference
- Ohrid 2013 -

 Final programme (PDF) 

Keynote Speakers

Dr Andy Pearson Dr Andy Pearson, UK,
Star Refrigeration Ltd
President of IoR (UK),
Member of IIR Commission E1
”Making ammonia refrigeration plants safer”
Dr Predrag Hrnjak Dr Predrag Hrnjak, USA,
University of Illinois
Member of IIR Commission E2,
Former member of IIAR Board of Directors
”DX ammonia evaporators – flow regimes, charge and heat transfer”
Dr Andy Pearson Rene van Gerwen, Netherlands,
Global lead engineer,
Refrigeration & HVAC
”Past, present and future of ammonia as refrigerant, from a leading industrial end-user perspective”
Dr Andy Pearson Niels Vestergaard, Denmark,
Danfoss A/S,
Director Market Support
”Current and future trends in Ammonia refrigeration systems and control components”
Dr Andy Pearson Dr Franc Kosi, Serbia,
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
University of Belgrade,
Member of IIR Commission D1
”Practical experiences of ammonia refrigerating systems in the Balkan region”

Main Topics of the Conference

Design of modern ammonia systems and technological innovation

Current and future use of natural refrigerants; the Kyoto Protocol and beyond
Low charge NH3 technology, factory-made units, systems at a new level of quality improvement
Plate type heat exchangers; Direct expansion of ammonia systems
Expansion in applications with lower size capacity; Testing of components
Compatibility of ammonia and metals; Ammonia and (miscible) oils for small DX systems

Energy efficiency of ammonia refrigeration

Comparison: ammonia and fluorocarbon-based systems
Ammonia - indirect cooling compared with direct evaporation of HCFCs and HFCs
NH3/CO2 and other cascade systems

Applications of ammonia refrigeration

Cold stores, Agro-food industries, Supermarkets, Air-conditioning systems, Heat Pumps

Absorption machines

Ammonia systems in developing countries

Renewal and improvements, technical assistance

Technical and safety standards

Regulations on the construction and operation of ammonia refrigerating systems

Guidelines, instructions and training materials

Education and training for: best practices, operating procedures, handling of ammonia and safe operation

Public awareness of the image and benefits of natural refrigerants

Crucial and sustainable contributions to a better environment; Barriers to market penetration